White Latex Paint

Identity.  The ability for some to establish a strong independent mentality early in life while others wander through life feeling incomplete fascinates me.  As a young woman, I continuously observe the growing chasm between the traditional expectancies of a woman, the ones that were instilled within me as a child, and the new age empowerment and encouragement that society is slowly developing towards independent women.  This period of transformation caused me to look at not only my previous relationships but the relationships of others.  I noticed that many people find the desire, often times a subconscious desire to follow the traditional guidelines to a happy life so implicit that it leads them into relationships where they forsake their own identity in order to become one with another person.  Dissolve is the physical manifestation of one partners identity being dissolved by another.

The white paint both removes my presence from the video as I am absorbed into the canvas and makes it difficult to breath.