Samantha Hofsiss was born on Long Island and grew up in Huntington, New York.  As a child Samantha often played outside and developed a love for animals, nature, and the feeling of natural elements.  Samantha discovered her love of art in her High School ceramics class while working with clay.  Throughout her studies towards her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at Alfred University, she worked with many other material and created mixed media sculpture.  Samantha currently is still enjoying her exploration of material through her work as a Master's of Fine Art student at Long Island University.  Samantha has also had the privilege to work as an art instructor at The Heckscher Museum and currently teaches high school students at Huntington School of Fine Arts.  After receiving her Master's degree, Samantha plans on traveling to other countries through residencies and continuing teaching students various techniques in art. 


Artist Statement

In her practice as a young artist, Samantha has typically developed a conceptual idea as the driving force behind her need to create sculpture. She has always represented her observations of humanity and human emotions through a visual manifestation. This work started out as figurative and abstract sculpture made from different materials like soap casts and ceramics. In this current body of work she has continued her development of mold-making methods as well as elevated her practice to involve new materials like paper making and wax casting. Often times, she equates human actions and interactions to those of animals and insect societies. This series will be anthropomorphic works of different subjects like current events, feminism and personal growth.